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I'm neva goin to luv any1 again!!

it was 4 years ago when i started liking this boy at school. He didn't really pay attention to me though because he thought i liked his bes frend. I cleared dat misunderstandin, so he started talkin to me and v used to talk 4 hours at long every single day. I used to help him with all his homework and all his tests. I used to stay up all night sometimes to do both my homework and his. He really appreciated it. But, after 2 years of being together, i had to move to a different school. I used to come on MSN everyday, jus to hopefully find him online and talk to him. I didn't even hav his fone numba. So i came online every single day for a whole year but he never came online. I didn't kno how he was and what he was doin. I had cried more than i ever have, in my entire life. He had jus forgotten me. I didnt kno where i went wrong. I had tried everythin to make him happy but i dont kno why, he jus left me. He neva talked to me again. I jus felt as if i had been used. I loved him with all my heart and he took a very good advantage of that. Now, i hav decided to move on. He has not only changed my life but also my opinion about love. Now, i think love is nothin bt a waste of time and emotions!! I'm neva goin to luv any1 again!! I'm neva goin to cry for anotha guy again!! Cuz no guy is really worth all the tears!!


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