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You have captured my heart

You have captured my heart. Why am I not good enough for you, but good enough for everyone else? Maybe it's you who is scared of relationships. What do I have to do to make you see
that a one more try is right? I see by your actions you still think of me. You're still single and so am I.

I am not desperate for anyone, but when I love someone, I wish they would know the beauty I am. You are so blind love. I know you think of me by the things you do. If you want to live this life the way you have been versus having someone who would love you to no end, then it's your loss. I adore you and if you continue this medium of no happiness then one day I'll eventually forget all about you. But you know, no matter who you are, or what you own, you won't be happy, and I know this because you will never find anyone else like me. I think about you, wonder what is happening around you, you do the same. Yet, you accused me of ruining it all, when now I'm starting to wonder if it was "you," who is the scared one.

Make up the fakeness, show your goodness, then you mock me. It is you who is the scared one.


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