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Ive been into girls my whole life

Ive been into girls my whole life, but recently ive been even more into them.
In 5th grade i asked out a girl and we were happy for a while, until summer vacation came along then we broke up, got back together, then broke up again. It was to much for her she hasnt dated since, but me... Thats another story.
About six weeks later i asked out my x's best friend. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. Then she left me just like that. But still i went on dating.
I went through two girls like a hot knife through butter. Both relationships lasted for only 2-3 weeks. Then i came to a sad realization, i still needed my 2nd girlfriend. She was so perfect for me, im angry at myself for letting her go. "What did i do" i repeated to myself over and over. My head was filled with problems, my grades were dropping, my life became more based around her then any of my friends, my classes, my sports career, everything.
Ever since the breakup she was unable to date, she took it so hard her parents decided she couldnt date until the age of 16. Now im trying my best to get her back but how can i make her parents change their minds?
For now i can just keep trying to get her back but its an up hill battle, but my love life depends on winning.


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