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love sucks trust me!!

love sucks trust me!!:S:S
i love 3 times in my life:S:s
the first was a boy who said i love you i love him 2:S
but months passed and i realize that he was joking and he don't love me and now he loves my best friend...:S:s
the seconde was a boy i wasn't love him just a friend but he was love me and tell me that so i want to forget the first love and to love him but month just month passed and he loves another girl.. i was not very sad cuz i don't love him i still love the first person...
and the thired was a boy who said he loves me and i was fool too and believe him huh! how much i am stupid
but after a month i tell him i have to leave him so when i leave him he told me i am so sad and.... but now people tell me he was joke too:S:S
what i can say all the peole now talk about me and how much i am stupid:S:s i hate love...:S:S love sucks
i hope the people will forget what happened:S:S
a stupid girl...:S


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