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this all started in the summer of 2006. i had just broke up with my girlfriend because it wasnt working out. a few weeks after i had this dream, it was about a girl i knew but never really talked to. in it we kissed, it was magical and unique and we were both happy. when i woke up i fell in love.

a few days later she came up to me in school and started to question me on who i fancied. she would go on about how she will tell me if i tell her. i couldnt bare myself to tell her. when i got home i picked up my phone and text her saying its her i like. i got the reply and she said she liked me too. that night me, her and a group of friends went out, i didnt mention what happned to anyone. she pretended as if nothing happend.

a few days later i asked her if she still felt the same way but she didnt. i felt used, abused and taken advantage of. i love her.

over the months that followed i got to know her more, to love her more. every time i tried to hide from my feelingsi would fall into depression.

then at new years eve she was depressed. i was asking her why and she told me that a boy told her he loved her and she said no, and now he has a girlfriend and she thinks she loves him.

i didnt know what to do. the girl i love was telling me she loves this other boy. someone who did something horrible to her. ever since then they have had arguments and i have stood by her and given her advice to make her feel better. she has told me how much i have helped her.

but yesterday i asked her what she would do if he asked her out. she said she would say yes.

it amazes me how the most stupid and arrogent of people, can have the women of there dreams when they dont deserve them. i have stood by the women i love as she tells me how much she wants to be with this other person.

its been 7 months since that cursed dream. these have been the worst of my life. i have contemplated suicide and running away from it all. i have no-one to talk to because the only person i trust is her.

i always dream that she likes me bck but doesnt know it yet. that one day it will be perfect, that this nightmare ends. because who knows how much more i can take.

[RomanceClass]: you need to seek out counselling, either at school, church, or hom. Ask your parents to get you into counselling. You don't need to suffer.


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