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i was gutted

i started senior school a couple of years ago and i was going out with someone he was great.but this boy decided he liked me and he wanted me but i didnt get involved with him until one day wen his m8s were sick of him tlking to them about me so they went up to mi bf and said id finished him i was gutted i really liked him so muchi tried tlking to him to say i dint but he was to upset so mnths an mnths an mnths passed and the boy still liked me so i decided it wunt hurt if i gave him a shot so we went out and we were so involved with each other nothing cared untill one day he said we need to talk and i was so scared i new wt he was guna say but wen we got round to it he jst cunt so i went home and i looked in my inbox and it said from ..... im sorry but i dort think its working out well have to end it i was gutted i loved him so much even now he went out with this girl after me she came to skwl one day with a hickey i was so upset she was suppose to b me m8 i still want him bk hes free again but i dno wt to say coz hell jst say it wont work :( xxx(L)xxx L!&m


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