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it is never too late if you really love someone

I met this guy at a Basketball tournament that our church was holding. He was very sweet and cool but I was already going out with someone at the time. The tournament came and went and next year at the tournament again, my brother and I requested to house the guy and his friend again. This time I was single. After the tournament there was a dance and we all went together. When a slow song came on I just went up to the table and asked if anyone would dance with me and he said that he would. On the dance floor his hands were around my wasted and he was shaking the whole time because he was so nervous. It was the cutest thing! I kind of realized that he might like me but I really wasn't that interested at the time. I just liked him as a friend. He got the number to our house before he left...but him living 2 hours away I really didn't think that he would really keep in touch.

My best friend was dating his best friend so the next year when he came down to visit her...he brought him along since he knew me. We met at the mall and talked for a while but I thought nothing of it. At the end of the day his best friend asked if I liked him and I said "not in that kind of way". So...that year goes by and the next year around Valentine's Day my cousin's boyfriend comes down for Valentine's Day and asks to bring the guy along too. I agreed to double date for the hell of it since I had nothing to do.

When he walked through the door that was like something clicked between us and i saw him in a different light. We went on the date and I just started feeling butterflies in my stomach. I really liked him and now I didn't know what to do. The date ended and nothing happened between us but I felt a connection. I told my cousin that night that I liked him and she said that she would find out if he did too.

She found out that he did indeed like me so we set another date. Me and him got completely wasted and finally hooked up. From that point was like I had found the man of my dreams. I fell so deeply in love with him over the course of time.....even though he lived 2 hours away we talked for 2 to 3 hours every night and he came down to visit me once a week. I would wait by the window with butterflies in my stomach until he got there. Once I would see him...everything else would disappear. He became the world to me over such a short period of time....I just knew we were meant to be together.

That was until we started getting into little stupid fights and being that we were so alike...when we faught..nobody wanted to give in. He ended up breaking up with me over email because I guess he couldn't face me.

Needless to say I was devastated and didn't know what to do with myself. I really just wanted to die. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I talked to his best friend and he told me to give him some time. That is when I just went off the deep end. It really sunk in that he didn't want to be with me...and I got mad and even more upset. I was in college at the time to I just started partying and partying so that I wouldn't have to think about how depressed I was.

For 2 years I cried and cried every night...on the way to work...on the way back...I missed him so much.......
I decided to get in contact with him after two years or so to try to talk to him but he didn't really want to hear me out. Eventually he came around and decided to meet up with me to talk. I told him that I still loved him and that i was devasted that we broke up and that i was sorry for anything that i may had done wrong.

We hooked up that night and I swear it was like I was flying! I was the best night of my life! I had him in my arms and I just didn't want to let him go! It was all like a dream that just came true.

We started talking again but he now seemed to be a little different. He was more into his own life and was not so interested in me all the time. I would call and he wouldn't was just not the way it used to be. I was not his priority any more. So, I get mad and we basically stop talking again even though I am still in loved with him.

Ten years later....after talking on and off with him....fighting about all sorts of things even though we were not a couple.....well ten years later I finally meet another guy that just seems to have everything that it takes to be a good partner in life. We decided to get engaged even though my heart was still with the other one. I was at the age when it was time to settle down and move to the next level of my life.

I get engaged and two days later the "love of my life" sends me a text message asking me how I've been and saying that I forgot all about him. I almost collapsed when I saw the message and I got the same butterflies that i used to get before I saw thim. I was also mad because he could have sent me a message liek that long long ago. Why now?

I sent him a message back saying that i was engaged and I think he was as shocked to hear it as I was to get his message. I asked him if he still loved me to tell me so that i wouldn't continue on. I knew I loved him more and I was willing to give everything up to be with me because I knew he was the man of my dreams. He said that it was too late for us..........I still to this day believe that it is never too late if you really love someone...He said that I was special to him but that we couldn't change our lives now. I still to this day dream about him and think about him all the time. I am getting married this year to a great guy but I will always have the pain in my heart from the one that left me. He was and always will be the man I loved more than anyone in the world.


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