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I am looking to a beautiful future together now

When I first met my boyfriend, my life had just been turned upside down by a previous guy with whom I (thought) was in love with. Looking back on it now, it was just a teenage infatuation, but I feel that my love with my boyfriend now is the real thing.

I had met him once or twice before; he was one of the skater boys who hung around my local park on the concrete ramps, terrorizing the locals and such. I met him first when I was 13/14 and didn't really think much of him, but we became part of the same crowd that littered the grass in the park and just hung out in the height of summer. Eventually the crowd fell away, and although I saw most of the people from time to time it never was the same as the Summer of 03 ever again.

My life went on as though he had never been there, I had a couple of boyfriends, went through the Rock Cafe dating stage and came out as empty handed really as I had gone in. I really wasn't interested in that whole 'you must be emo to be cool' thing that's still going on now.

So I drifted off from that scene and made my own friends, that were a bit of a weird collection I must admit; and then all of a sudden he stepped back into my life like he had never left.

I had been sitting down the park, and he'd appeared (now driving by this time) and sat down on his skateboard and started skinning up a wacky backy and glancing at me, but I just pretended not to notice. He cracked a joke, and I smiled and looked at him and all of a sudden there were no longer 20 people standing around me, or sitting on the ground or whizzing around on BMXs, only me and him and his gorgeous smile that before I had never bothered to notice. It literally took my breath away, and I knew since that moment that I wanted him, and somehow I knew that he wanted me too...

Of course, my life is never simple. It's always fraught with problems and difficulties, and at the time there was another guy who was really interested in me, but the feeling wasn't mutual. It became very difficult to get hold of my guy's number; people would say things and I would lose the friendship of the guy I wasn't interested in, but by sheer chance I managed to get hold of it and that's when it all took off.

We texted each other constantly, I had my phone contract cancelled by my mom eventually because the bill was sky-high, but I didn't care. I was dating the guy I wanted, and I was extremely happy, we had so much in common; music, gigs, car interests, movies, books... It was all working out just fine for me, and eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend. I jumped at the chance, and we became known as 'The Golden Couple', which was slightly weird but there you go...

Of course, I lost the friendship of the guy I wasn't interested in. I still see him, and most of the time he's drunk so he asks me about what happened. It's been nearly two years now, and he still brings it up. He's in prison now for GBH too, so I'm extra glad my boyfriend came along to prevent me from going down that avenue.

I have a lot of things that I owe to my boyfriend, he came to me when I was mugged one evening, he's looked after me when I've been blind drunk and unable to walk... He's looked after me when I lost the use of my right hand, and he never takes any notice when I say unkind things because he knows I never mean it.

I'm 18 now. We first met when I was 14, we started going out when I was 16, and he's 21 this October. I share everything with him, and he shares everything with me. He takes words out of my mouth and thoughts out of my head and he can read my facial expressions like a book.

I took him abroad to Amsterdam for his first holiday, and his second will be with me in Florida this summer, and I can't help thinking that our relationship isn't deteriorating like all my other friend's relationships; but getting stronger all the time.

I love him more than anything, my love for him is like no other love I have ever felt, or ever will. I am looking to a beautiful future together now.

I love him so much.


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