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He was, incidently, my first kiss...

We met for the first time in Freshman year of high school. He was the hottest boy I'd ever seen. I swooned, but I barely spoke a word to him that year. A year later, with new friends, and 30 pounds less, I felt MUCH more confident in myself. I finally got up the courage ot be friendly, and lo and behold, we became friends! Thanksgiving of Junior year we began to hook up, with no real relationship. I was ecstatic, but heart-broken when he confided in me that he liked another girl. I felt like just a pair of lips to him. It took me three months to get over him. Three months of my friends listening to me gripe, complain, and moan whenever I saw him. I finally stopped thinking about him.

In March of Junior year, we somehow rekindled whatever we'd had, and I was instantly reminded of all the wonderful things about him: his sense of humor, his intelligence, his looks, everything! We ended up one night getting stranded at a convenience store by his friends who took off for McDonalds without us. We walked over two miles that night, talking about EVERYTHING. At some point he put his arm around me, and the entire walk was speant that way. We stopped a million times to hook up, to talk, to do whatever. He called me beautiful, told me things he'd never tell his friends, it was truly amazing.

At one point in the night, after we'd reached our destination, (at this point i'd had a few alcoholic drinks) I was sitting on his lap, telling him a story, and i used the word "verbatim". Usually i get laughed at for usuing random big words in context, but he just stopped, looked at me for a few minutes, and said "you just used the word 'verbatim' when you're drunk.....You're incredible, you know that? You're my girl" It doesn't sound that romantic, maybe even a little stupid. But to me, it was the greatest compliment. I'd been so insecure freshman year about being a little bookworm, and here he though it was sexy. I was really happy.

Unfortunately, this story doesn't end well. My friends warned me about him, and I didn't believe them. He truly IS a great person, i still believe that. He's just incapable of an actual relationship. But I credit him as the first person to ever make me feel anything close to love. He was, incidently, my first kiss...and from that point on, we had some sort of special connection...


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