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he'll always be the person i love

well i was in love with a boy that i've known since i was in grade 4 at that time he was in grade 6.
a few years passed and we talked again on the computer :)
i got his e-mail address from one of my friends:)
i've liked him all throughout the rest of elementary
and ive liked him from up to grade 7,8 and half the year of grade 9.he goes to another school though.He's in grade 11 now and im in grade 9.there was so much going on between me and him..when i said i liked him he said he liked me and then something always happened.this happened countless amount of times.The final time he told me he liked me and i said i liked him too.Afterwards he told me he was gay..yes yes shocking isn't it? well,he told me he was bi-sexual and i didn't really mind because i was so in love with him so to me,it wouldn't really matter..but yeah he came out and told me he was fully gay :(
i was so devastated :( i was so in love with him :(
he was the only boy that made me laugh till i cried
but those tears we're the best tears i have ever shed
there's always gonna be a part of me that still loves him
and always will.We're best friends now :)
i supported him throughout all of his problems with coming out to his family.I say this without hesitation.i would die for him <3 i wouldn't think twice if it came down to taking a bullet for this guy
he completed me
he was my better half.We hung out everyday basically.
On october 20th he came over to my house
we ended up kissing :)
we kissed like 3 times that night
he knew i loved him and he loved me too but not in that way
he seemed to be very careful of my feelings and i have a whole lot of respect for him
but you know what..if anyone is ever in this position..
i know it sucks..its the worst thing that can happen because, they seem perfect for you but there is no way u can be together :(
i always looked on the bright side..he's my best friend
and always will be
he'll always be the person i love
even if he's not the only person i love


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