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Maybe someday when she is wallowing in depression and regret she will read this. It's doubtful, as she never sought advice from the internet. Then again, I was Mr.PLAYBYTHERULES and you'll be OK. Rules? They don't work for a piano prodigy that everyone is so demanding of! There is music and there is her.
my reason to live. She still makes my heart ache. It's so heavy all the time. Thats what happens when something up so high falls. My heart reached its terminal velocity shortly after my birthday. We were best friends the second we met. Instant love. It lasted 2.5 years. She always talked about marriage and kids. DAMN IT HURTS. I never wanted kids, because HOW COULD YOU RAISE KIDS WHEN YOU TOUR! You know, I started cursing the day we broke up.
I want to open my door and see her. Touch her soft face and smell her clean skin. So beautiful. God's perfect mold for a woman. Makes me think of D flat. I didn't appreciate her. I could have stopped practicing to see her. She didn't leave me because i was in love with a girl. I am in love with music. Un Sospiro is child's play for my fingers. But my heart will never survive this piece again! Someday I will play for you and my love will resonate in you ears forever. If i can only love you in heaven, then I will someday. God, bring us back please! NO ONE WILL EVER SPEAK OF HAMMIES!!!!!


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