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but we will see in 1 year from now....

i would like everyone to read my love story, to have hope like I do...
It first started in 8th grade...This new guy came to my school and we became good friends. It was sort of...meant to be I guess because there was an automatic connexion between us. Trust at first sight ;) lol. He trusted me with his deepest secrets and I helped him through a very hard time with his family. Then at the end of that year, on the last day of school before the summer holidays, he held me in his arms really tight and let me go, and walked away, only to see me two years see, we liked each other in 8th grade. I never thought he would leave...I was devistated. I went through a hard time when he was gone, but eventually, liked someone else. Now this someone else treated me badly, I never got the time of day from him...then, a miracle happened and the guy from 8th grade came back in 10th grade...And the minute I saw him, I fell in love with him all over again...And he became such a good friend to me, and we stayed with each other all the time, 24/7. Then we admitted to liking each other. With only one dilemma, he was forced to move to Ontario with his mom. When he told me, he was so upset, and hearing me cry over the phone, he started crying as well, because we really loved each other and didn't want to part, but we knew he had no choice to leave me, so we decided to make the absolute best of the time we had left, so we decided to go out. And I know it will be devistaing once he leaves again, but our love for each other will survive, I know it. By the time he comes back after a year, a lot will happen I know, we will both probably find another person, but we will reunite when he returns...but we will see in 1 year from now....



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