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Me and Him have been through it ALL

Well i miss this boy..
and well its stupid cuz..
its my fault were not together..
and i just made a very big mistake..
I wish i Never made this mistake at all..

i didnt cheat on him..
And i didnt get annoyed of him..
i just lost intrest with him..
i just HATE myself for that..
i mean how can anyone lose intrest
for someone they truly love??

Me and Him have been through it ALL.
[well not through everything!!! ]
its just that i LOVE HIM so much..
i never felt for ANYBODY
like him before..

And he was thee GREATEST
thing that ever happened to me..
i mean its kinda stupid how we became

K well first off, he liked me First..
and he would always and i mean ALWAYS
ask me out.. ever since the FIRST day of 8th grade..
and i teased him too..[i noe, im mean..haha]
but then i realized how he really liked me..
i mean its not everyday where a guy has
Butterflys for you..

And well, on April 27..
[thee best day ever]
he asked me out...yes..
[of course i said YES..i mean come on..
Did i mention he asked me out on the day of his Birthday??

Well then on that we went through our first month..
We said iloveyou After one week..
[if your thinkin,"that short?"...we liked eachother
even before we went out,so we had alot of time]
We kissed on the cheek in one week
Lips on the Second week , i think
And FrenchToast Was the day before our first month..

Well he wasnt perfect ..
theres was only four problems..
-he had a BAD temper..
-So Pertective [i actually love that one..haha]
-and he gets Jealous.. fast!!
[he Actually thought me and one of my close friends
had a secret relationship ...
i would NEVER EVER do that to him..]
And the worst one of all..
- i thought he didnt trust me
[i mean like he started acussing me of
of going out with other guys..
i wouldnt do that to him..

But in ways..
he was perfect
like we were the cute couple
Jacob&Leewee were the sexy couple..haha
Toby made our kids name..
he got that name from, me&&his name..
We had the cutest nicknames..
i was his honey,babe,& (mypersonalfav. wife) :[
and we had the stupidess nickname ever!!
he was hunnybunny and i was bunnyhunny
haha..stupid,but CUTE!!
And when we first Frenchtoasted
the first thing i said to him was
"Nice Gum" ..he was chewing gum..
And he always usetoo do the GREATEST imatation
of Ms.Defensor..he would always make me laugh..;]
But the Greatest Memory of all
was when Ms.Blaz had her Talent Show..
He Deticated "Just One Night" to me.
And He Sang in front of the WHOLE CLASS!!

But, when school ended..everything changed..
we started fighting, because he
still acussed me of going out with guys..
Our Second Month Anni., We Fought!!
i we both ended up Crying[i noe how cute!!]
And he Said he was Sorry..of course
i always told him i would never to that to him..
And he could never go anywhere..
he was always BUSY..
Then the worst thing happened...
i started losing intrest..

It Sucked..How We First Broke Up..
It was on July 3rd
I told him all the problems we had..
And he said the "U" word to me..
Unfaithful...[if your thinkin' of the song..
then when i said its over..
he Cryed..
i felt So Sorry...
But Eight Hours Later..we were together again..HAHA
but i just MISSED HIM
But then i lost intrest again..
On July 24th.. i did it again..
And he Cryed..Of Course..
After that, i thought i dont care..i dont like him anymore..
But then that night..i hard
i realized,AGAIN,how much i missed him..
but i knew it was TOO LATE..
he couldnt be Mine Anymore..

Now that we've both moved on to HIGH-SCHOOL
We Only Talk Like Once in a while...
He's had Two Girlfriends So Far
And i had Two Boyfriends so Far
I found out, he still likes me..
and he misses me..

High-School..i love it
but its not the same, without him
EVERYTHING reminds me of him..

So Finally on Dec17th
i decided to tell him..
yah..i called him..With Awns on the Phone..
And i told him Everything..
How imisshim, still like him
And how Everything Reminds me off Him..
He said he Feels the Exact SameWay
We talked about us "Going Out" Again..
And we said it was "Going To Be Hard.."
So we Cant..Cuz we go to Different School's..
And he can NEVER go Anywhere, so whats
the use if i ask him to go to the mall
or something...

We cant go out...
And that Sucks..
Cuz IMISSHIM so much..
So even if i didnt break up with him...
we could of had a hard time going out...
So i guess the only thing to do is..

Move On...


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