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i was really happy with her and i loved her dearly...

This love story is a little different.. It all started two years ago, back in grade 6 ( yeah, 11 years old ). At this time, i moved schools after grade 5 and went on to a different community. I missed all my old friends yet i was eager to make new ones at this new school. When it was time for the teachers to divide the grade 6 students into two separate classes, i saw this beautiful girl standing 10 feet away from me... i was only 11 years old then and didn't have such a strong attraction to girls, but she was different. She had glowing green eyes, long shiny gold hair, and such smooth skin.. it made my heart go wild the moment i saw her. As months passed by, i never really tried talking to her and sadly, i didn't even know her name. She was in the other class, but every time it was recess I'd see her laughing and all cheerful with her friends... i really wanted to talk to her but i was too shy to. Fortunately, i tried saying hi to her on the month of December from what i remember... she had such a soft voice that sounded like music to my ears. She was always smiling, but anyway... she said hi back and we both introduced each other.. her name was the most beautiful name that knocked my mind out; Jolanta. Just hearing that name alone makes me smile. The bell rang for recess to go back to class so i had to make a quick goodbye. We gave each others our hot mails so that we can start talking on msn. When i got home, i went online and luckily she was on too. We started talking to each other expecting a quick conversation.. but it ended off being a 6 hour conversation online.. i got to really know her personality, she was really beautiful; inside and out. She seemed like the perfect girl in every way ... i couldnt escape her charm, so the week after i started to like her... i never told her until a few months from there but before i get to that.. from January to April, each day we would talk to each other for hours and hours, knowing each other more and more and becoming closer in every way possible. On April 21st, 2005, she went to the park with a couple of her girlfriends just to hang out and play ... from what their friends told me, she seemed really quiet and looked thoughtful while her friends were laughing and having a good time.. it was 5:30 p.m the sun setted a bright gold through the horizon.. i looked outside the window and the phone rang. It was her, she told me to go on msn quickly cause she needed to say something... my heart was pounding cheerfully, i knew it was gonna happen, ever since i acted like i didnt expect this but at the time i was excited.. , I heard that she told her friend while walking home " I think i like him.. i have to let him know before it's too late ". So she came on ... and told me that she likes me, and then asked if i liked her back... i nearly cried of happiness and didnt reply for like 2 minutes... i said it back to her, we were both happy and i told all these stories i kept in my mind about her to bring us even closer... eventually we got together that day and things seemed nearly pefect throughout those months. Until the last day of school that year, i was heading off to Los Angeles for the summer with family and i wouldnt be able to see her over the vacation.. i felt hurt that day and i missed her dearly... however, for me time apart brought me closer to her and my love for her got even stronger as each second passed by... she soon became the only thing on my mind.. from the moment i wake up, its her in my mind, from the time i go to bed, shes the last thing in my mind, and in my dreams, shes the ONLY thing in my mind.. at that time i questioned myself many things about my feelings... i was only 11 years old so i tried stopping myself from admitting i was in love.. but i couldnt hide it, it was the bear truth from what my heart was telling me, i love her..... few months passed by the summer and we would usually send emails to each other talking like we would normally do... but at that point i noticed something different in her words... she sounded different and less enthusiastic.. at first i thought she was just really tired out of all those times she would send emails but, finally it came; August 20th 2005.. she sent me an email saying she wanted to break up for different reasons... reasons that i couldnt understand until today; she said that we were too young and took the whole love scene a bit too seriously... i couldnt understand that when i read it and i broke into tears... i sent her back a reply saying i understood and that we SHOULD stay close friends only... but that wasnt true...i still loved her, no matter what.. and cause of that i started to question myself... did she do all that with me just for the heck of it and see what it was like? she said she loved me back.. i thought it was just all a lie... and by the time it was the new school year of grade 7 , i rarely even talked to her.. however, another turning point of my life with her came back to me... but that year i wanted to concentrate and focus on my work more rather than the socializement and relationships with friends; my father was very strict about it and i couldn't let him down. But in the begining of grade 7, me and her were still talking to each other again like old times.. it came a time in September 2005, she asked me if i wanted to get back with her again cause she was willing to ..... the decision i made was no, i couldnt be bothered with my studies... at the time i was comfortable with that decision.. but now i regret it so much... that couldve been my last chance with her and i turned it down.... i was such a fool for saying that.... but luckily, like the woman she was, she accepted my decision and seemed fine with it... and after that i couldnt recall us talking to each other for the rest of the year.. Until the end of grade 7 though, my friend had a big party during the beginng of summer vacation, and i heard that she was coming... i came, and she was there too.. it was weird, she talked to me so friendly like like we used to back in grade 6, .. i still couldnt run away from it, i love her... we talked and hung out with each other through that whole party and got to know more with what was happening with our lives.. she was still interesting and attractive as ever, and at the end of the party when it was time for us to leave, she told me this: " Im sure this final school year in elementary, we'll get alot closer than ever before" , i smiled and said bye, and became eager for a ' new begining' ... It came, first day of grade 8, first couple months it seemed like we just met each other for the first time again, i was really happy with her and i loved her dearly... yet somehow, it seemed like my love still hasnt reached her ; no matter what i do... almost every week i would cry at one point when i was alone in my house, asking why..why... and it then got to the point where my feelings got out of hand and for the first time ever... December 2006.. we got into our first fight; and it was Big... it wasnt physical, but verbal... she confronted me with her friends saying that i didnt take things seriously... that quote pinched my heart and it hurt... then the worst quote came... " I NEVER WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU AGAIN!!" ... infront of all my friends, i simply stood there frozen and my whole body became number than ever... my hands were shaking and i broke into tears as my heart seemed to brake in half.... i thought, this is the end... i thought that those were the final words i'd ever hear from her beautiful voice... i cried my tears until i stopped... i stared at her from afar with teary eyes.. she had a dirty smirk on her face and every second i looked at her, my heart would break down further.... However, a few weeks passed.. and i was so happy that she finally talked to me again... i confronted her countless times to get everything back to normal, and i told her that i wanted to start things over, she smiled... like always, and it was another new begining... and from there, we got closer yet again, each day, until today.. in the month of febuary, all things are going fine right now, and i hope to keep things up and bring things with her furhter in the future.... but through those times, i never turned down on my feelings; it was because my love for her was REAL not FAKE, from this experience im having, i conclude that love is not impossible to have at young ages... its only cause im different and i was lucky enough to have met a girl like her... and now, im looking to keep trying, taking my bond with her stronger as each day passes by... i only hope for the best for this future, and Well thats it, my young love story :)


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