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The best kiss a little too far!!!

The best kiss a little too far!!!

Me and my bf were hanging out after school and this is the second time we were going out. He dumped me for my best friend the first time and broke my heart but i thought if i went out with him again it might give me some closer, so i was with him and we talked and when we were done he kissed me and everything flashed back, all the old kisses and everything, when i got home my friend came over and we were hanging out when my bf called i told him i was doing homework and he asked if he could come and help i told him he could so he came over...when he came over my friend kept bugging us to kiss so we did and then she said again again so he was in a corner and he gave me this look, i went closer and kissed him once and then twice and some how we started makeing out IT WAS WONDERFUL that was not only my first make out but his too. so the next day him and my friend came over again and my parents left fpr a few hours. We were in my parents room and watching t.v on there bed and someone called my cell phone and asked to talk to my friend so i gave her my phone and she went downstairs and i was lieing down and my bf came up to me lay on me and we started makeing friend came upstairs and started screaming! after she stopped we went in my room and i climbed up on the bunkbed and my bf came up and we just kept makeing out and we ended up haveing dry sex!!!!! after a few weeks he dumped me and two days later he went out with my best friend and now were not best friends anymore but my ex bf denied we ever did anything but once in a while i see him in the halls and he smiles at me like he did after we made out and i have a feeling he still might like me somewere in there.



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