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i had plans to have his kids and everything

I was wit this kid jimmy for 9 months and one day i didnt pick up the phone i was out wit my 2 guy friends and my best friend and the one guy was up front because we went to his hometown and he sat upfront so he can give me directions and me n him are strictly friends well him and his friend chase me down and since my friend was upfront they thought i was cheating on jimmy and they jumped the kid in my car..i got upset didnt go home for 2 nights and i broke up wit him i was living out of my car for 2 weeks and then i met up wit my friend mike and we were all hanging out in the hotel and i fell for him and he wanted me..well im going out wit him now and its been over a month and im also goin out wit jimmy because i dont kno if i should be wit jimmy or mike..i see mike more then i see jimmy now and i talk to both of them and when im with mike i dont talk to jimmy and he gets mad that im not answerin and i feel bad but he is jus to overprotective but i love the kid i had plans to have his kids and everything,and now im confused because i really want to be with mike and i dont want mike to find out that im with jimmy and i dont want jimmy to find out im with mike ..


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