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don’t wish to fall in love now!!!!

“Come with me till the dormitory” he told me, I was scared, it was pitch dark outside but I left with him. He had a torch in his right hand; I was holding the biceps of his left hand with my right hand, unaware that his hands were pressing my breast. Rather I was aware but that did not bother me so much I had gifted him all my emotions. We walked through the dark, he was playing pranks and tried to turn off the torch,” don’t do that, I am scared” I said with anxiety and excitement at the same time, “don’t be scared babes I am there.” We came close to the girls’ dormitory, he looked around here and there no one was around, the door of the dormitory was closed. Suddenly, he held my face in his hands and kissed me, half on my lips; I was scared but very happy. I was kissed for the first time in my life. “Here you go. I have given you your gift”. He said in a naughty tone. I ran in the dormitory, loving him more than ever, my heart was beating harder and lips were shivering with pleasure. I never wanted to touch that part of my lips never wanted to wash it or rub it.i went in the dormitory and just fell on the mattress, my heart pounding like never before. I just prayed to god that we should never go apart. “doraa call kulu, tell her he wants to give you the gift” I heard him talking to doraa, she came in and woke me up, I ran outside, “ what is it?” I asked him in confusion, “come with me” he said, “where?” I asked my lips still shivering and my eyes still shy to face him. But I wanted to go, go where ever he takes me, I left with him. We came at a place which was completely dark, he held my face again and this time kissed me on my lips twice…..I thought we loved each other but I was wrong……he never liked me it was only a kiss for him which he could have given to anyone I became a bitch for him I ruined his life according to him I was a pain for him……I lost him…….he asked doraa out and dumped me….I had the first heart break of my life within a week of experiencing the first kiss of my life. “hey, I really liked you a lot, but things didn’t work like we thought they would” these were his last diplomatic words for me……don’t wish to fall in love now!!!!


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