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my father decided to get a restraining order

It all started when I decided to take a class at the local community college. At the time I was only sixteen and he was 25. Intoductions went well, but as soon as he introduced himself to the class there was this feeling in me that told me never to talk to this man. He was the weirdest person I have ever met. On the second day of class, he decided to sit next to me. My head was spinning in hope that he would not talk to me, and of corse he did. The assignment for the day was to talk about the day you were born. So in Japanese I started to talk about when my birthday was and the person who died on my birthday. To my surprise, he said that he had the same birthday and that he was born in 1980. He ask the year of my birth and he said that I was eighteen. But He had calculated totaly wrong, I was sixteen.

A few weeks went by and I ask if he wanted to go see a movie, just was friends. We went to go see corpe's Bride, and we conected at every level ( well maybe not the maturity level just yet).

One day after he became ill and came to his emt class, where I was to give him the homework for the day and informed me that he was dating a girl named Heather. After the next few months i came to find that she was cheating on him and only using him for his money. Many times I tried to tell him of this because I cared for him so much and at this time I found out that he felt the same.

Two- three months before he left her, she was found to be pregnate. This was a big delema with him because he did not love her. So he called it off with her because in this society you do not have to be together to raise a child.

Soon after we got together because he saw how much I care for him and he for me. Thought the age difference was there we did not care. Nothing was to happen that was illegal because we agreed to not do anything sexual, so we could develope our relationship.

Six months down the road the baby was born and a test was done to see if he was the father ( which thank god he was not), but durning this time I was having trouble with my relationship with my family because we did not conect with them on any level. Even with the thought of marrige and the outward show of effection, did not give my parents one thought of letting him be apart of my life.

Another two months down the road, my father decided to get a restraining order against him in my behalf with only six weeks left to my birthday. Which now has made our dessions more clear than before. We are perfect and will not stop or give into the pressures of the world. This order will make it harder, but we will make it through no matter the situation or the social pressures. When this is all said and done, we just look back and laugh, even though now we are being torn apart now.


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