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you'll realize one day, the only losa is you

u show it as much as I...

If you are too much of a fool to let the best thing (& u know it) slip by, then what can I do?

To this this day (months later), you are the only one who makes my stomach turn...If I don't mean as much, then leave me alone. If I do,then step-up to what you own. If not, then just say "goodbye." I acted more than a fool, but you know as much as I... And you show it...

I realize now (I'm sorry I was so scared), that there is
someone for everyone. Deep in my heart, I have never thought I would encounter my dream come true...

Well I did. It was with YOU> If you don't want me, that's fine. But then evaporate from all of this, and let me move on like I've So hard tried.

You can be a jerk, you can be arrogant, ...whateva.. But,
the things you do, assure me that u want me as much as I
want u.

If you don't ... Then Evaporate as you once "stated."

I adore you and like a fool, I was an idiot. If u can't forgive me for feeling overwhelmed by a "dream come true.,"
then maybe "fate," is right... I'm not for you.

If u don't want me... Then I'm sorry that u missed the best thing in this life.. and u know what I am saying is true.

I'll try so hard to continue to forget you, but in the end,
you'll realize one day, the only losa is you.


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