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everyone has a match out there

Love is a beautiful thing.. it all started back this past november (2006).. I was supposed to be writing a paper, but was procrastinating on myspace.. I checked bulletins and say a "bf application" posted by this girl who i knew, but not that well.. actually my friend/prom date's younger sister. so I filled it out and sent it to her.. she replied with one filled out for me and we exchanged a few myspace messages until we exchanged screennames. a few minutes later she IMed me on AIM. we talked for a while that night and i had had an away message up with my phone number in it, so she got my number and well we talked alot. In the IM conversation she started with "hello it's your new girlfriend." so at first it was kinda just for fun, since we were both single and all.. until after a few days (about 3) we began to truly fall for one another. since that day, we have been together and truly love each other a whole lot. we will get married and be together forever, even though right now we are still young, everything has been planned out. it could not have been more perfect. so whoever said procrastination is bad.. they are wrong. in this case, it was the greatest thing ever. Now I truly believe that everyone has a match out there and it may not be the person you would think it to be, but there is someone out there. I am very glad things turned out the way they did for me and I hope this story will help even just one person out


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