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cross your fingers for me people!

so last summer me and my friend justin met up with this kid Jeff at a soccer camp. we talked alot and he gave me and justin a job. Jeff would get on myspace and pick out girls for us to mess with. and i already knew i was lesbian because i just got out of a hard relationship with a girl that i thought i loved, but i didnt it was a relationship built on lies. so i took this job and through it i met this amazing girl named Rachel. i already knew her from school but i never really talked to her i was to scared. she was so pretty so i just shyed away. well i got real close with her but not as myself after 2 and half months i came clean and told her. i cried every night during thoses months because i was in love with her but i was lying to her and i didnt know how to tell her. so when i told her i thought everything was done i lost her for good because i was selfish. My x- girlfriend got extremely jelious but i blew it off. i went for Rachel i told myself that i couldnt let her go. and i got her..... i've been with her every since November and i love her with all my heart. we are working through stuff but i think our love can make it through anything. i want to spend the rest of my life with her. she is amazing. corss your fingers for me people!


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