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Iím still waiting for his love...

I have this ex bf...he is a friend of my friend. We study in the same universityÖ I know him and we see each other often because of my friend but we are not formally introduced. I and my other friends have a big crush on him coz he's so handsome! My other friend is going to celebrate her 18th birthday and we invited him. I felt so nervous when my friend's birthday came. He was there. We are now formally introduced. We are both in relationship when we met each other. The party is not over yet but I decided to go home because my dad texted me and wants me to go home even if the party is not yet finish. When I already reached the gate he followed me and told me that he is going to leave the party too. And because it's already late, he decided to come with me coz it's too dangerous for a girl like me to walk alone...
(It was raining that time and we're sharing in my umbrella)I felt my chicks were blushing because we're too close from each other! To make the story short...he asked my mobile # and that night we started texting each other... even if we both have commitment, he became my boyfriend. We were seeing each other secretly ( it is not actually a secret, coz our friends know about our relationship) I broke up with my bf, but he didn't. Coz he still loves his gf. I have no demand because I have no right to demand anything from him. He didn't ask me to love him. Itís my own choice. He keeps on telling me that he loves me but he loves his gf hurts me every time we talk about it...
After 3 weeks we decided to break up. Coz we know, I know, that it will not going to work out... we didn't stop our communication coz we decided to be friends, besides, we study at the same school. It still hurts me every time our path will cross...coz I know, I still love him...
3 months after our break up, her gf broke up with him. i don't know the reason why she did that. He doesnít want to talk about it.
now, we are friends...I don't know what the future brings for both of us...but Iím very thankful to God that he made our paths crossed...I still love him, and Iím still waiting for his love...


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