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Broken hearts do mend. they take time to mend, mine is still mending

Two best friends. One night. We were just lying there me and her .We were only ment to be "just Friends" but this night had been building up for a while..
It started with Just hugging each other.. then it lead to a peck on the cheek.. then hooking up and then suddenly we were in bed having lesbian sex.Theres a line that when you cross there is absouletly no going back. Me and her , we crossed that line, it was too late to go back.
I fell madly in love with her, she was my EVERYTHING. I put her before anything in my life she was my world. I was in a deep depression from my past but I woke up each day and got through each day just for her.She got me through alot of suicide attempts/wanting to attempt suicide by just chatting all night with me.I didn't have any other person but her. I had my parents but no one else. To her I was not her everything. she had alot of other people in her life. i did not come first. She did not NEED me like i needed her. she would always skip seeing me to see her other friends.One day I found out that she had cheated on me, I went into denial and pushed it away but our problems didnt go away. she was two years older than me , we always argued about stupid lil things . we were both depressed. her family hated me. The day finally came where she confronted me with "this isnt working is it?" well i thought it was going okay and our problems would just fade over time as we sorted through them but she thought they never would. she was not honest with me at all, She had gone straight but she used other excuses instead of telling me the truth. I didnt give up on her. we kept talking and a week later she had a boyfriend. I was absouletly shattered, there is No words to describe hw i felt when i thought about her being touched and kissed by another person. i felt this utterly disgusted jelous hate rise up inside me whenever i thought about them. One day i saw this guy she was dating at Our soccer practise the whole practise i put a face on and blocked how i just wanted to kill him but at the end of he practise i just stood infront of him an gave him the "killer" look . he just laughed at me.My friend She drove me home while i was crying my heart and soul out about her and she was just telling me to calm down. When we got to my house I was screaming and crying and was just about to puke with the fact she didnt love me how i loved her. she told me to get out so i did and then she drove home, just left me there balling my eyes out. anyway, this girl broke my heart and left me. we have never talked again so we lost our amazing friendship too.

i thought that i could never ever love anyone again
after that, but only two months later i fell in love again with the most amazing girl ever she understands me like no one ever has before, she loves me as equally as i love her. i could not be happier.

Broken hearts do mend. they take time to mend, mine is still mending but it will get there.


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