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My heart is broken into pieces that are barely visable

When I first saw her I had a feeling in my gut like I had never felt. I knew, immediately, she was going to be the one. She walked in wearing a grey t shirt, blue pants and was angelic in her grace.

At the party that night, every guy there tried to hit on her, and none were succesful. I got her number a few days later from a friend and I called her. We spoke for 9 hours the first night. For a month we spoke every night for no less than 4 hours. She was in a relationship and I refused to see her until she broke up with him.

Weeks later she ended her relationship and then showed up to surprise me at my office the following day. She drove four hours just to surprise me. It started that day......

We fell in love instantly. Holding her, touching her, hearing her was all nothing I had ever experienced. I had been in other relaionships for years and never felt that way. She began flying in to see me every weekend. We would laugh, share stories, offer advice and support. We were perfect.

She would constantly tell me how much she cared for me and how excited she was to see what the future held. Every moment I wanted to be with her, and when I wasn't I felt incomplete.

Since everything was perfect, and we were alternating weekends going to each others cities. I had met all of her family and they were wonderful. She was everything I had ever wanted, and then some.

After 6 or 7 months, I knew I was going to spend my life with this woman. We spoke of me moving to her city. We would still live seperate, but be more accesible to one and other. Her eyes were something I couldn't live without seeing daily.

After a month of being in her city, she broke it off with me. I still have never got a reason. She did it via email, she would not and could not talk to me about it. She said she never wanted to see me or talk to me ever again. She told common friends she realized we would never work.....but never said why.

I am now faced with the decision of staying here, or leaving for another city. My heart is broken into pieces that are barely visable. I feel as though my life has been taken from me........I am lost for the first time in my life.

I pray that God show me the way. I pray she find happiness, regardless of what that means.


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