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this was my best kiss ever

ok... this was my best kiss ever. i loved it so much. ok so this was the scene. i was at my friends random house party. there was a guy that i like there, and i had liked him since the beginning of the school year. so at the party, i had my best friend hangin with me. she knew about my crush, so she was like, "you should go grind with him, i know you like him!" but i was so nervous because i wanted to kiss him so bad and i had never kissed anyone before, but i worked up the courage to go over there. so i went over next to him and started dancing really sexy. i knew i shouldnt ask him to dance, cuz i knew he would come to me. and he did! so he came over got behind me and we started grinding together. i tried my hardest to keep him satisfied, so in his mind he would be thinkin, "D*mn this girl's fine!" Then i knew he wanted more, so i turned around and we were facing each other. i was dancing harder, now grindin out my best! and i knew he liked it cuz he was making smiles and nice little noises in my ear. So i didnt want to look up at him becuase i was so nervous. (and keep in mind ppl, i was thinking of all this while we were dancing!) so i finally looked up at him, and he knew i liked him and he like me, so he grabbed onto my tiny waist, pulled me in close and asked me if he could kiss me! i said of course and tilted my head while he came in. we ended up kissing for two songs before moving to the next room! In the other room, we went to the couch. (still kissing!) i pulled away for a second and threw him on the couch. i slid my body on top of his and started to french him some more. We kept flipping positions, and he ran his hands through my hair and along my waist and back. It didn't go much farther than that. it was the greatest, longest, hottest, most passionate make-out session i had ever had! We've been together for 2 years and 3 months now!


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