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sometimes, i wish things could be back to normal

All the names below are fictisous.
i was goin out with this guy. i didnt love him at the time, i just thought he was hot. we are 2 years apart && so he broke up with me.. but i still say you shouldnt put age on love because age is just a number. you never what youve got till its gone..
no, i dont want to keep going out with him. but it is actual LOVE. i didnt know how much he meant to me. no matter what mean stuff he says to me, no matter how many times he stops talking to me for this girl named kristi.. i will always LOVE him.
my best friend, kristi, is goin out with this guy named chad. chad loves kristi.. but i dont know about kristi loving chad. they have been goin out for about a month and a week and kristi has broken up with him 2 times but chad loved her so much that he convinced her to keep going out with him. but, kristi the other day at the cheerleading game said that i think i like brian and crap. i really could care less, but now that she likes him she treats chad like crap. chad deserves wayyy better.. chad is soo nice. but, kristi has turned into a freaking slut. you dont even know, && dont get mad at me for calling her that. that doesnt mean i dont like kristi, i would like to know if i was bein a slut or not. she wont get off the phone with brian when she doesnt even talk to chad, brian and kristi text messages bad (sexual) things to eachother when kristi doesnt do that to chad. when i am tryin to call brian, he goes sorry i got to go, kristi is on the other line. i get very hurt.. for one thing, i love brian soo much and i even let him know that. and for another thing kristi needs to call chad more. && for another thing, brian leaves me for her. thats terrible! chad knows all this && because he loves kristi so much he still goes out with her. i cry so much. i miss my sweet little brian. kristi has turned him into some jacked up person who never wants to talk to me. sometimes, i wish things could be back to normal.


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