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people usually say that loving someone doesn't come easily. i would say that that is not true at all. this is my story..
after being decieved by many guys and being cheated upon, i had given up all hope on meeting the right person for myself, and gave up on all guys! untill one day, as i was surfing the internet, i went on myspace and saw this really cute guy's photo uploaded. i clicked on his profile and saw that we were doing the same thing- medicine. as i kept reading throught his profile, i saw that we had the same interests, same idead and so on. so i sent him a message since im really straight forward and if i like something i go ahead and do it. the guy turned out to be a total sweetheart, too cute to be true, and a whole flirting session started between us, and we were both melted in eachothers cuteness and sweetness. we exchanged phone numbers, but the thing was, we were in different countries. He studies back home, while i study in eastern europe. so we dint really think of dating, just a little crush thing that was going on. untill one day my exams were over and it was time to go home, and i was very enthusiastic and excited about going there. just to see him, be with him, finally meet him face to face, sit with him, hear him talk, laugh.. see him smile, see him look at me with his beautiful eyes, and see myself just melting into him.. yes, i liked him too much.. it was the first time i ever felt like that, never knew that you could actually feel this way without even meeting the one you are thinking about and day dreaming about...

when i was finally home, after a very very long and exhausting trip, we talked and arranged to see eachother..
it was the most over whelming thing that had ever happened to me.. we were into eachother so much that we did not even need words to communicate! we talked and talked for hours, it was along conversation, one that i had never had before, a conversation based on eyes, smiles, looks, movements, it was body language without even a touch!

couple of days later, we went out again, and on that day we were pretty sure that we were made for eachother. Simple things in life mean so much more, a hug can create and show you all your hidden emotions, and your unrevealed senses that you never knew existed. ever since that day, we have made sure that we only are for eachother and with eachother.. and a kiss is not just a kiss..


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