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that was gangsta

Me and my friend was walking with this very close friend of mines and she was a girl and she was walking with us and we walked everywhere so we dicided to go to go to my house so she can meet my parents so then we left and we walked on second street in the alleyway and my friend had went to run somewhere but he came back but while he was doing that me and the girl was back there talking and she had put make up on and when we was close to her house we hided behind a truck so she asked my friend should i kiss him and he said yes so he said do it so they kissed and he asked us to do it like 10 times so he asked them to kiss one more time and he said make it a long kiss then while she was kissing me she had put her gum in my mouth then my friend saID DOES It still have flavor in it and he said yes so then we gave her a hug cause we had to go home so she went home and we went home too and now i think that was gangsta i told all my friends.i knew i was a pimp.


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