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If I only let him know what I felt

He has no idea, how much I feel. Obviously, he doesn't care enough to find out. When the one day comes that he realizes that everyone else uses him for the stuff he "owns," will be the same day he should have took the effort of finding out just a little more.

Even though, it's his loss. It's my loss, because my stomach tells me so...

Fate: Is it real or not? Is it simply desire or lust? I know the offerings I can provide, but lack the option I'd like.

If he only knew what he missed. .

The sadness will someday show it lies on his part, as that same day he'll realize what he already knew. That day will also be the same day it'll be too late.

Too sad to accept, but time sadly time to cut the losses. I'm angry inside towards both parts, but more so, sad that the one I truely love, I let him go.

Not too much time left in this world to be happy. So the next time, I feel it's right is the next time, I will accept instead of reject.

This life works very mysteriously althouth saddening at times. But, learning in a devestating way, that you move on... Unfortunately.

If you ever read this.. I hope you know.. I was scared a


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