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Until now, she still suffers from great pain.

There was this couple that loves each other very much. Time goes by, 9 months passed, even though their relationship was not that good enough, still, the love is there. Everyday in school, they'll just say a simple hi to each other. You wouldn't notice that there's something special between them. It is a first-time-relationship for the both of them.

The guy has an attitude of not showing too much action that shows great affection for the young lady, even though he needs her very much and loves her deeply. Because of this the girl sometimes thinks that she is not that important for the guy. This made her very sad. But still, she has this hope that itís not right to think negatively. So, she still held on. There was this time that the girl have to face her great fear, asking her boyfriend what he really feel for her and knowing the answer. But the answer of the guy saved their relationship.

Girl: Do you still love me?
Boy: Yes.

After encountering this kind of problem, which is actually natural for all who is in a relationship, they made it through!
Again, a problem came. The guy said to the girl that the love that he has for the girl is fading. This was the second time, but the first time that he told her that kind of problem it was saved. The second time was really serious. The guy has this plan of courting another girl. So the girl broke up with the guy even though it was very hard for her to let go of him. The reason behind the girl's decision was because it would be very pitiful for her if she still hold on to that kind of relationship. The guy and the girl decided to be friends at least.
The girl, which the guy planned to court doesn't have any feelings for him. So he was wasted. The ex girlfriend of the guy suddenly knew that his ex bf still has feelings for her. She had been secretly happy. But as days goes by, the guy found a new girl to court. Itís his best friend. The girl otherwise said that he also love someone else even though he knew by herself that he still loves the guy so much and it hurts deeply when she sees her ex and the girl together. No one knows what she feels.
The girl doesnít know what to feel because her ex-boyfriend still stares at him secretly. She doesn't know if she's going to be happy or not. It's sad because now, she cannot tell him freely what she feels for him.
Until now, she still suffers from great pain.

** How I wish he can read this story to let him know how much I still love him ** :'c


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