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he makes me giggle at his awfull jokes

I want to dedicate this to my boyfriend.
He's been the best thing that has ever happened to me. When he cuddles me tightly i can feel his heart beat fast =] when he holds my hand i never want to let go. Being with him makes me feel special. We even have i soppy little i love you more and you hang up first play arguments, when he's on the phone i smile and cant stop, i could listen to his voice all day. I love the way he'll look sad or down, and as soon as he sees me he smiles a genuine smile. I love the way he makes me giggle at his awfull jokes. I love the way he'll protect me when i feel uncomfortable. I love the way we can walk around the village and talk about nothing important but make it into something huge. When i hear someone say his name my stomach makes that happy flip and my mind is constantly filled with him. He sent me a text last night, wishing me sweet dreams and how he couldnt wait to see me the next day. For me that is true love. And im glad to have found someone like him =]



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