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some kind of electric current


Four months had passed after my breakup with my ex-boyfriend and i'm just alone and single. I'm not expecting for a new love for i told myself that i hate guys for they will just leave me in the end. I'm a member of friendster and i do always check my account. Then, one day i saw some posted messages on the bulletin and i became curious so i read it. The message was from a guy named chrono, i read the message and i do also viewed his profile. After a few days, he sent me a message on my friendster account and he's asking for my mobile number and i gave it to him because i can feel that he's nice. After that, he texted me and we got to know each other through texting. We became friends and through that i already felt something strange inside's a kind of feeling that i'm starting to love him even if we're not yet meeting in person. I told myself that it could not happen and it's impossible.
Then, there came a time that we're going to meet each other in person. I was so nervous because a lot of things was running on my mind...i'm asking myself, what if he'll not like me?, what if he's not nice?..etc.We've met at a fastfood chain and i'm glad that it turned out great. We talked about any topic that we could think of, we even ate dinner together and he was with me when i'm already going home. While crossing the road, he held my hand and i can feel that there was some kind of electric current that flows on my body especially on my spine. Few days had passed and then he suddenly told me that he likes me..i was shocked and it's as if i don't want to believe that it's true. He proved me that he really loves me. He went to our house and i introduced him to my mom, he fetches me from school, and still a lot of sweet things. I was really touched about it. I told him everything about myself and he told me that he will still love me no matter what had happened to my past. I was really lucky to have him and as of now, he's already my boyfriend. I'm really glad and contented when i'm with him.


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