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if it wasnt fate then we wouldnt be chatting

This is my story. I was playing this online game once and thats where I met him. Lets call him Ron. Ron was a player in the game needing some money. I was helping another player who needed money as well (I didnt know at the time but that other player was his brother). When I agreed to help his brother he suddenly appeared and asked for some as well. I agreed to help him too. His brother was asking for too much and started annoying me. When he left Ron and I started talking and getting to know each other. He asked for my email address and I know its stupid to give a guy you just met in a game ur email address even if he told you his age and and gender. I know, pretty stupid he could be lying or something but hey I trusted him. And later on i got to see him on webcam and got to know him better. It was the first time he actually asked for someone's email address in the game. He was sweet to me and I really enjoyed getting to know him. He's really handsome, buff and nice. The funny thing is that hes 17 yrs old, goes to college, got engaged once and he also has a job while im just 14 yrs old and still a freshman. Haha. Well one day wen I was chatting with him he suddenly told me he liked me and wished he could be with me. (We live in different countries)
I was speechless at first and for a moment I thought I was dreaming. Just to let all you readers know, Im a very negetive type of person. I always think badly about myself and I also have this fear of actually being in a relationship. I dream about being with someone and having someone love me but if it would actually happen in real life I get scared because I wonder what would happen if I was not gud enough for the guy I loved. I never had a borfriend before because I insist on being friends instead. So... I told Ron that him liking me was all in his head and this wasnt fate, but he said that if it wasnt fate then we wouldnt be chatting to each other or have even ever met. I dont know what to believe...

He said if he had enough money he would come over to meet me. Hes such a sweet guy. He told me he had drempt about meeting me, swimming in the ocean with me, and just simply sitting together to talk. How can he like me? He believe in fate but me... Im just scared of giving chances and trusting myself. Can this guy be the one for me?... Well we'll see I guess. I probably might get to see him this summer, hopefully, and if we were meant to be...


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