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two grown people can't get over the false things in this life

The challenge of marrying one and loving another-

Why two grown people can't get over the false things in this life is beyond the biggest relm of imagination possible.

Although things are not explainable at the time they occur,
they happen for some unknown reason and the energy that comes along with it makes it even more uneplainable. I would just love to know the answer for the unprofound and unwelcomed events that continue to occur and be left with some idea of my fate in advace.

Never sought love and still don't, but when it is obvious
of its' unrecognized appearance: Then how is such a wonderful thing become such a horrible thing? (Sort of a undisclosed explanation of why the great avoidance was so strong and unwelcomed, but somehow purposely unprotected, yet deeply cherished.)

Never knowingly knew the fairy tale would ever come true due to negativity and the determination of making my own way into this world. Oddly, once gone, the feeling of
emptiness left me to realize that "true success," is broader than accepted and welcomed.

One man in a million and even though the apparent qualities were obvious, he lacked the ability of acting on his own

Despite fault and the past. Nothing can change how I truely
felt and nothing can change that he will always be considered a very special and important part of me. Most regrettably; Nothing could change my mistakes of not letting him know the special ways of me.


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