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if i had a star for every time i think of him

this is my love story. i dont know if anyone will read it but i dont particularly care. i met this boy my sophmoreyear in high school. his name is timmy. the first thing he had ever said to me was "I like your shoes". i was shy, so i didnt say anything back to him. he moved behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, and said "hi, i'm timmy. whats your name?"
i told him and he said that it was pretty...after that, about a month after he moved away. i never saw him again after that. but then my junior year, i came back to school and saw him. i said "hey, timmy, remember me?"
i had completely changed, my once blonde hair had turned black, i lost alot of weight, and my taste in clothing had changed. he told me i looked amazing.
then a week later, i was his girlfriend. he told me that he could picture himself with me as his wife.well i am becoming his wife this month as a matter of fact. i know he will never hutrt me. that i can trust him with my heart and not worry about losing it. he has never hurt me. HE NEVER WILL. i love him. if i had a star for every time i think of him, i would have the entire universe in my hands.
if he didnt love me as much as he claims, why would he put a ring on my finger?


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