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Love But You're Taken

I look at you and it's so easy to deny the way I feel.
I look at you and I know your heart belongs to another.
I know that you are about to become one with another.
How can I just sit by and watch.
How can I watch you take that stance at the alter.
Only my mind can get me through this because my heart has already let me down.
I fell for you when I had no business doing so.
It started so simple and carefree. No worries, just a little fun we said.
How can I get through this without the damage?
I know I'm strong and I'll get through. Somehow, I always seem too.
You never see the tears but let me assure you that they exist.
I see you everyday and I wonder can you see the pain in my eyes.
Do you know really how I feel? Am I that apparent that you know my troubled heart.
The time is so near and I know that you are almost gone.
You have become a valuable part to a chapter of my life.
My only regret? I didn't find you sooner.
Who knows what could have been but I know that when I had those times with you, I was alive again.
When a heart so torn and lost, you brought me back to living and knowing I could love again.
So today, I thank you for the gift you have given to me.
I have myself back and know this, you had my heart and I wish you all the happiness of the gift you gave back to me.


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