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I once thought I was in love

I once thought I was in love. It was this past year in my freshmen year at high school. I was in my second block class, and I saw this guy with the most beautiful eyes, but that wasn't what all attracted me to him. It was his smile, his voice, his laugh, his hair. It was pretty much everything about him. Whenever I would see him, I would go crazy because I didn't know what to do. Every time he acknowledged me, I thought I was just going to melt into a huge puddle. Well, I didnít. It wasnít until a couple of months later until I finally realized that I needed to do something about the way I felt. So, I decided to become friends with him. At the same time, I was already in the process of becoming another personís friend. Anyways, we all had the same class and she just happened to sit really close to him. Well when my friend and I became closer, I started sitting over there and it was right in front of that guy. I started to develop serious feelings for him and I finally told him, but he had a *girlfriend* so he told me that he didnít want to go out with me. When really I was just telling him how I felt. Later on this year we became closer friends and he actually started flirting with me. Then I became deeper infatuated then I thought was possible. Sometimes he would give me hugs>this made me feel good/better. When he gave me his phone number, I called him one night and we played 21 questions. I thought it was fun and I think he did to. I was thinking maybe this changed the way he felt towards me. Only to find out that he was the exact same way. Well, I tried and tried to make him realize how I truly felt. I even bought him a *Scarface Dog Tag*


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