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Now I back to boyfriend

In my whole life I never been into a relationship. I only had a crush a guy but that doesn't mean anything to anybody especially me. Hi, my name Krisha and I am nineteen year of age. I lived in a beautiful island of American Samoa.
Since my childhood I been force to do what is told and it hard for me to control my inner part of my body. I am the only one diffrent in our family and through my whole life our Heavenly Father always there to help me out from a little gate that locked me inside. And it been told that the only cured for everything is my heart.
Now that I know how it felt liked if I don't trust myself from believeing of what is right for me to do. Now I am a college student and this is where my love story being.
As I said it before I never been into relationship but it seem to be that I been experience it before. I met up this other guy from the other part of island and he is so sweet and charming. He love me so much and the only reason he loves me because of my attitude. Now we been like a half a year and I ended up with him. Because he left me and go back to where his from but still he loves me. And now it been a EIGHT MONTH we never seeing each other but sometime we called up to each other. Suddenly, two week later I went up this other guy and the sadness part of our relationship was he ditch me right after my birthday second month of 18, and he didn't called up to tell me because he don't have the gut to tell me.
Than I went this other guy and he said that I'm sweet and I likes me. We been out for as long I can't remember.......because he cheat on me.....I found out that his having an affair with this other we broke up......but he still calling on me and I explain everything on him..telling him it over between us but we could friend....
Now I back to boyfriend.......but all I want was someone that can truly honest and trustworthly, someone that loves me no matter what I am, someone who serve God and have I'm waiting for that person.....because I believe our Lord provided us the right person for us......but if you got out looking you will ended up beat up and hurt and it to late to run from what you been through. If I were you choose the right person....My story could be love story or anything....but hopely we learned something from it. Up till now I 'm waiting for my true love to be with me. Where ever you are don't wait till something comes up if you know the true person for you.....get it and don't wait till it comes.....May the Lord Be with you all and especially those you about to find true love.



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