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My Ex Kept Stringing Me Along

i love this guy so much.i meet him in the phone.well at first i had a crush on his voice then one day i recieve an expected call from him and ask me if i could be his girl that time have no bf.but we haven't seen each other yet but when time i saw hom i fall in love with him more,he so sweel,nice ti be with and so gentleman that any girl would fall inlove with him .i thought our relationship would not last because it was prefect.

we broke up he told me me through text that iam too good for him that i dont deserve him .i cry to all of my freind with out knowing he has a new girl that time.but my love for him didnt last.still i love him more,3 month after my landline was cut and my sister lost my sim card.but our communication was still there ,he call me unexpected call.that would fall in too much becuase of him.5months after i was calling freinds for my birthday party when i invited him to came .i call him.then i told my self if he come to my bday everything he say was true but if he didnot come all the talo me was a lie and i must move on.

well he went was so happy that time,we had a talk he said a lot of promises and we went back together with out knowing it was out last meet.4 day after.everything change.we change his number and address and i heard from some one he has a new girl.and the painful part was he went to canada already.

1yr and 1 month after he wnt back .a freind called ma and said guess what his back in the philippines he gave him his new cell i called him i told him to call me,so he called and said sorry and one of the reason why he came back is because of me according to him.i was the haapiest person that time.but after how many tome i tired ti communicate with him he is tryng to aviode me to email ym and mostly to my call and text and even to the friendster.

the painful thing was both his new girl friend and him are add to my freinds in the freindster.everytime i open my friendster i got hurt.bec.i still love him .so know ehat i wrote him alot of letter and made him a freindster ,email address and etc..i still love hom but i want to reaaly move on but how everytime i have a new boyfriend i was so unfrair bec i still love my ex till now...


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