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he is my best friend and my babies have a full time dad as well

How i learned by my mistakes.
I just came out of a four an a half year relationship.When i became really depressed.My best friend couldnt understand why i felt the way i did.I had been through my secondary school life with him.We both had are family up's and down's like any normal person does.He stood by me when i lost the closest person to me (my grandad he understood everything).I just couldnt think how my life wood be without me ex in it.Till one day one of my close friends called me.She had decided she was taking me out to prove there was more to life than staying in crying over someone who was never coming back.I walked through this loud, busy nite club, it felt like everyone was watching me. I had a few comments but i just put that down to bloke being Pi**ed. Till i looked up and this tall, tanned, blue eyed 23 year old was watching me.He touched my shoulder and asked me my name.A year passed and i was still with him.All we used to say to eachother was how much we loved one an other and how we would spend the rest if are lives together.till one day we both had a party. His best friend bought a girl along with him. she seemed a really nice friendly girl untill we both had a few drinks then the truth came out.My boyfriend had been sleeping with his ex. i just didnt want to belivev it.At the time i was nearly 8 months pregnant.(which i didnt no at the time) I Couldnt understand what i had done for him to treat me like that. He swore blind nothing happened. Which i had to believe because i did trust him and a relationship is based on trust which i ow no.I sat in the bath room for hours untill i started gettin pains through my back and stomach. I shouted but the music was so loud i started to get up when i hurt my boyfriend and his ex shouting at on an other. he saying how she was trying her hardest to get him back.I walked out through the garden crying when i had this feeling to push.I pushed once i felt warm sticky, smelly water trickle down my leg. My boyfriend came running through shouting he loved me. I asked him carmly to take me to hospital.he picked me up and drove me to the nearest hospital which is only 5 minutes away.Danny couldn believe it when i said i think im having a baby. One hour later i gave bith to my 5lb 3oz little boy then 2 minutes later i gave bith my 4lb 6oz little girl.No one believed me when i my family told them.Me and Danny split up 2 weeks later.Its been 4 months now and im with my brothers bestfriend.He understands everything it feels like ive got my grandad back.This relationship is so different. He not just my boyfriend but he is my best friend and my babies have a full time dad as well


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