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her simple call makes my heart smile

I met her a football game, which is weird, i never go to football games, but it was one of the things i went to with my friends, livin life in the river, flowing wherever the stream takes us. Then at the game, i saw the most beautiful girl in the world, and she stood beside me, i had no guts to even say hi but i tried to not make her feel that i was looking at her, so i just kept goofing off wiht my friends and what not, then she left, her friend she was with was still there, so i talked to her, i became friends with her and one day her friend, me and the girl i liked had a three way conversation. She seemed to like the way i was, what i thought about girls and i added her on myspace after the talk and all, then bam, feelings started to grow, i had just talked on the phone with the worlds most amazing person, i dont know why she was so amazing to me but i felt as if she was, i couldnt stop looking at her page, couldnt stop listening to the song gallery she had on her page, we talked a bit more, and i found out she liked the way i was, i was surprised at first that she actually liked me, but i was like wow, then my feelings grew bigger, i couldnt stop thinking about her, we talked on the phone a lot but one day she went to mexico so we werent able to talk, then the time she was gone, my eyes glued to her pictures and my ears had the song gallery buzzin in my head. When she got back i wanted to tell her that i thought bout her like crazy, and i missedher a lot but she told me that she for some reason thought bout me a lot. Then we talked on the phone more and more, and more, but then there was big ugly part in the story for a bit, then we started talkin a lot again, then feelings stopped to grow, it evolved to love, now all i think about is her, all i want is her and all i care about is her, she has taken everyones space in my heart, i feel shes the one for me, and i hope i can keep her cuz she truly is the oly girl that ever made me feel like shes the only one i need, noone else, cuz her simple call makes my heart smile, her simple picture brightens my day and her voice lifts my soul, and even though were so young, i feel this love is very strong, and i hope it stays this way, cuz it feels sooo right, and i will always love her.


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