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I can give him my whole, unconflicted heart - which is what he deserves

My guy is absolutly amazing to me. Amazing in all the ways that word implies. I'm 16 (just) and he's 18, so he's actually 2 1/2 yrs older than me (still not statutory mind you). but he's not at all embaresed that I'm younger than him, and he doesn't squirm at the idea of having me around him while his friends, whom he's known since he was a really little kid, are around. He kisses me in front of them too. And he talks to me like a his best friend. We hang out every day, from when i get out from school, until i have to go home *because I get to have a curfew...yay...* and he never seems to get bored with me. I feel so lucky. he's my first boyfriend, and I can't imagine my life without him. we never fight. we never argue. at least not about anything important. we never yell at eachother. and when we do say something that might be cruel, (usually to me...cause I'm a magnet for that everyone) i get all wierd and paranoid and scared (not intentionaly) ...and then he comes over and comforts me, and says he's sorry. So I really think that he's it for me. like, He's THE ONE. I'm so lucky. and I'm actually really glad I never had a relationship before him, because I can give him my whole, unconflicted heart - which is what he deserves. He's been through so much shit in his life, and he doesn't need anymore, especially from the one he should be closest to. I'm just glad I can be there for him, because I would let him go if he wanted to leave. I know because I've had to before, and we stayed close like, it only lasted for three days admittedly, but we hung out for each of those three days, and then he told me that the girl he'd been going out with again was being all gloomy, and so he's like, "well i still love you" and she said "honastly I don't care if you do or not" and he said something like "well, I'm going to keep caring about you wether you want me to or not" and she basicly told him not to even bother. and then he kissed me again and we've been together since. that was about a month and a half ago, maybe more. *october2006* Now he talks about the future and how we'll raise OUR kids, and all that sort of stuff. I'm just so lucky... I know that was really long. but I really needed to say it. I'm just so happy.


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