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there's some things in life you just have to forget about.

one night i was at a disco and i went out with this guy nd so did my friend we used to hang out all the time her bf livd up the road from me so we hung out al the time a cuople of months later i relised i loved him at the start i could deni it but then me nd my bf broke up nd evantually me nd him went out i reali luvd him but his feelings just wernt the same so after 5 months we broke up a month later we went bak out but i broke up with him bcoz i new he didnt luv me about 5 months my feelings still hadnt gone away nd we started talkin again nd i new he started to like me so i asked him out he sed yes we reali luvd each other it was betta than eva then he went on holidays nd we started fighting nd he came bak nd we wer still fighting alot we wer driffting apart nd then it all fell apart wen my x lover came bak i was very confused nd didnt no hoo to choose but my bf thought it was best if we broke up so that night he dumped me i was heartbroken coz i thought he loved me i still am heartbroken but u always hav to move on im starting to love again but it hard becasue somtimes i hav flashbacks of everything we hav been through together i will always love him but theres somthings in life you just hav to forget about.


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