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I use to be the kind of girl that didn`t believe in love

Like everyone says young teenage love doesnt end up how you want it to. Well I have a feeling it will for me this time. I might this guy. Were both still young but I think I`m in love with him. People always say "You don`t know the true meaning of love"..Well I think I know what it is now. He makes me happy,able to enjoy myself again,he changed me into someone that enjoys life and wants more out of life. I use to be the kind of girl that didn`t believe in love. Well I do now! Knowing that someone cares about me, willing to be there any time, any day, just makes me feel good about myself. We have a random dating life, I usually go to his house every other day, we hang out hold hands, kiss...stuff like that. He says he loves me, I say it back, because I do. Love is a big word it has lots of meaning to it. Never let someone put you down because there jealous of you being happy. Just live life loving and caring for another, and your love life for him will turn out great like mine.


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