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What if I fell in love with him? Im scared

He likes Me

I couldnt believe it but he likes me. K*** likes me. And now that I know the truth Im scared. I feel like we shouldnt be together. We shouldnt because it seems like we arent right for one another. He's sweet, funny, and a really handsome guy but that's not what Im just looking for in a guy. He needs to be a guy I can trust in anything and even keeping my heart without breaking it so easily. What if I fell in love with him? Im scared.

Ive never had a boyfriend before and now that I know this guy likes me its like my whole fantasy about two people meeting and falling in love just comes to a quick hault. Then reality hits me. I always thought of couples and love a fantasy and now this guy, who I also like, likes me. He's experienced in relationships but Im not and I dont know what its like to have my heart broken and so Im scared. I like him but Im forcing myself not to. I cant like him because for sure our relationship will never last and then our friendship would also go to ruins.

I was talking to him just a moment ago and I couldnt believe how we have so much in common. I was amazed. At school he was acting pretty funny, though, because he never came over to say hi or even try to bug me. He perfered his hw then hang out with us. I felt sad about that and I also felt confused. I didnt know if it was right to like him, but my friend helped me out a bit. Then when I got home I started chatting to him and asked him why he actted like that and he asked me why I was all depressed we didnt tell one another our reasons but we both knew why. We both like each other...


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