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I hope this gets submitted, its an anniversary surprise for her

I met her when we were only 4 years old, we went to the same church. We hated eachother and fought over anything we possibly could. When we were about 13 she started to date my best friend, he would be with her all the time and when he wasnt with her he was talking about her. I was alittle jelouse and that didnt help. When they broke up I was pretty happy and things started to get back to normal. Then somewhere around the time we were 14 we started to tolerate eachother, we actually started to get along.
By the time we were both 16 we were best friends. I could tell her anything and she could tell me everything. we laughed more together than we did with anyone else. we knew eachother better than anyone else. but we also still faught like there was no tomorrow. All through our teen years everyone mistook us for a couple, when wed say we were just friends they would tell us we should be a couple. even all our close friends and family were telling us we would be the perfect couple. but we couldnt see it, we would laugh about it and talk about how awkward it would be. Alittle while after we turned 19 I started to feel things for her I didnt want to feel, I started to LIKE HER! we were both dating other people at the time and I knew she didnt like me so I didnt do anything. Then one night in December we were tabogging like we did every year, we were having a snowball fight and I tackled her to the ground, when I pushed myself up I looked into her eyes, and I kissed her. she kissed me back. After alot of drama we both ended things with the people we were dating.
In our church guys between the ages of 19-25 have the opportunity to serve missions for two years, were called missionaries. I chose to serve one. Me and her didnt get together but I did ask her to write me while I served my mission in Australia. she wrote me and I wrote back for the full two years. I fell completely inlove with her before I even came home. I told her in a letter how I felt and she confessed that she felt the same. When I arrived back in Tennessee after my mission, I got to the airport early and instead of waiting for my family to come greet me I took a cab straight to her house. It was about 4am and pouring rain, I knew which window was hers so instead of ringing the doorbell I did the classic throwing a rock at the window, I had to throw at least 12 before she finally came to the window. she took one look at me and dissapeared to the front door. she opened it and neither of us said I word, I picked her up and kissed her.
I proposed to her about 2 months later and we were married in September of 2006.
Shes my best friend, I love her with everything I have and I know Im the luckiest man in the world to have her. We still fight, but its nothing were not used to. we still laugh as hard as ever and Im so happy I get to spend eternity with her.

I hope this gets submitted, its an anniversary surprise for her.


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