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I can truely say Im falling in love

A few years ago I was with my church youth group, there was about 50 of us, we were all sitting waiting for the activities to close, I happened to look over to my right and a few rows up and there he was, every girl has a guy that she dreams about, what her perfect guy should look like and there he was. He couldnt have been more accurate if I had drawn him myself. I instantly got butterflies and couldnt stop looking at him for about five minutes! I was in shock! over the next month or two I found out alot about him with out even searching for information, it just kind of came to me, I met his sister and learned everything about his family with out realizing it was his, I knew his name, his age, and what city he lived in. I would see him at dances and other activities and he just always looked so happy and fun. I never had the courage to talk to him, it was ridiculous.
I found out his family would be moving to another province, I was so upset, I thought I had missed my chance to ever even talk to him. Then at a dance about 3 weeks before they were leaving I went up and talked to his sister while he was standing beside her. He didnt really talk to me but he laughed at things I said. A slow song came on and I noticed him kind of hovering around me, finally he came up to me and asked me to danced, we were dancing and he seemed to know everything about me that I had known about him, and then he said "yeah, Ive been to scared to ask you to dance for a while now" I couldnt believe it! I just stopped and asked him why, he replied by saying "because your really really pretty" I told him I had been too afraid to talk to him too! we hung out for the rest of the dance and danced several more times. I went to there farewell party and had alot of fun with him, we both kept saying how we hated that we hadnt met earlier so something could have happened between us. he was just so perfect for me.
we stayed in touch through email, msn and the phone for about two years. both dated other people but knew that we still had lingering feelings for one another.
about 4 months ago I got an email from him telling me his family was moving back to Alberta only CLOSER to where I lived. They moved back and me and him basically picked up from where we left off. Weve been officially together for 3 months now and I can truely say Im falling in love.


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