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True Love was Worth the Trouble

I am older than my boyfriend, but only by 10 months. This is crazy. I used to be very good friends with his brother but I never knew that he had a younger brother even though I knew him throughout high school...little did I know that I would fall in love with his younger brother!

This is how it happened. After I graduated from high school, I got a job as a college tutor. My sister and brother were also hired to run a mentoring program. During the summer I graduated, I was working in an internship for the city, and after work I would go to the high school to visit my brother and sister and help out with the summer kids. In the summer they were looking for mentors for the following school year. This was when I met M. M applied to be a mentor. He was interviwed by my sister and brother and he passed so he became a mentor. He started going to their office during the summer and I would say hi. Then we found out his brother was my friend and we began to talk more.

Next thing you know he started coming to my house to hang out, but I didnt like him yet, we were just friends. We became good friends and then I began to talk to him about life and my problems and everything and so would he but I didnt realize it until my friend told me she liked him.

I felt threatened. I was confused. I was paranoid because he was younger than me so I told her to go for him (they were in the same grade). HE then told her that he liked me and that he wanted her to help him win my heart (he did not know she liked him). She got mad...she didnt want to talk to me.

For Valentines (all this happened around this time) he dedicated a song for me on the radio on february 13th asking me to be his Valentine and on the following morning he got the key from my brother and he decorated our office with hearts and a big basket with chocolates, a stuffed animal and roses. When my friend saw that she got angry and told him things...but when I walked in I could not believe it (my mom was also there because she needed to get something from the office)

To make this shorter, it was DRAMA and it lasted a while! But he asked me to be his girlfriend a couple of weeks later and I said I didnt know because my friend liked him and I didnt want to backstab her etc...bur I took the risk and said yes. I almost broke up with him after 2 weeks because I could not take the people's comments and I felt bad...I stayed with it...its now been 2 years and 5 months and he is the best boyfriend in the world. I love him so much and we want to get married. DONT EVER LET ANYBODY SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!!!


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