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I felt like I was floating in a cloud

Well it was a Saturday night and it was the high school semi formal. The night before the semi I was crying becuz the tailor who made my dress screwed it up but evenually my mom helped and fixed it. I told my friend I wasnt going but then I came. The semi was held in a club, a really amazing club. I went and said hi to every one I knew and how beautiful they looked as I waited for my friends to come. After my girlfriends came I spotted another friend and I just can't help but say how truly handsome K*** looked that night. I dont like him, well, thats what I keep telling myself.

Well the night was amazing. I enjoyed it alot cuz I got to wear my dress I wanted and I got to dance with K***. I did like him before but now... Im trying not to... cuz I just have a feeling that we arent right for each other and some how never will. But I promise I will never forget that night.

He didnt know how to dance but evenually he got it. I danced wit him a couple of times but I will always remember that time I slow danced with him. It was my first slow dance with a guy and it was the last dance that we both had together that night. It started when I pushed him to this girl that he was really close to and told him to dance with her. He told me I owed him and then when the party was about to be over I danced with him to a slow song. I was scared that I might screw up but then I didnt. I just put my arms around him and came closer to him. Lots of people without a dance partner came off the dance floor, that includes my girlfriends. My arms were around his neck, his arms were around my waist... I laid my head upon his shoulder as he laid his on mine and I closed my eyes. I could feel his breath upon on bare back and his warmth as well. I felt like I was floating in a cloud. It was wonderful. I felt like I wanted to just lay in his arms forever but I know it had to come to an end. But it will be a moment I will never forget. Im glad I came to the semi cuz if I hadnt I probably would have missed a great deal.


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