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We Waited - It was Worth It

I'm going to be 18 pretty soon & I met the guy of my dreams already! I met him at church. I've known him for about 5-6 years already yet as a couple I've only known him for 1 yr & 10 months. But, let me tell you something! This guy came into my life & turn it around. Like the song of K-Ci & Jo-Jo (All My Life) that's exactly what he did to me! I truly think he's the one-b/c he's truly been there for me at all times. He doesn't mind spending as much money as he has to-to make me happy. He doesn't mind coming a long way to see me after work at least for 10 mins. He doesn't mind the constant calls either. In reality he doesn't mind anything as long as he's with me it makes him happy. (As of course does to me!)& you know what...

I too am willing to do anything for him b/c I love him soo much. I just wish all of us had someone like I do-like mi Papi. Someone who you don't have to be saying *I love you!* ALL the time b/c with actions we know we do. I wish the best of love for everyone out there b/c we all deserve it!

I'm just happy I found my true love. "I love you, Papi!" =0) & thanks for being who you are at all times-a perfect teacher, consular, joker, jerk at times, everything that a b/f needs to be to be perfect. *I love you!*


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